Inner Mind


Welcome to Inner Mind Landscapes

"What you give energy to you strengthen"

Bring to Light the magic of the creative imagination, the power of thought. Hone your perception of spirit in the world around you.

Inspire yourself with stories and images of the myriads of spirit beings that dwell in rocks and plants, animals and places, sun and stars, angels, ancestors and fellow humans.

 Empower yourself to engage with spirit worlds and communicate with your personal guides and other compassionate helping spirits for hope and healing, heart's desire and life's purpose, for your own highest good and the highest good of all.

Rita Baruss
March 2010

Rita is a daydreamer, writer, artist, gardener, thinker, and practitioner of yoga, energy healing and shamanic techniques.

If you are interested in receiving occasional messages
from me when the urge to share some philosophical
notion overtakes me, please email