Inner Mind


 April 2010

Welcome to the inaugural month of Inner Mind Landscapes. I am thrilled with the job Laurie Lacey has done putting my writing on line. It has been a fun process, inspiring and animating my creative imagination. It is my hope and intention that you, the visiting reader will enjoy the results of these efforts and find, in these writings, those sparks of insights carried by the words that set fire to and illuminate realizations about your own inner mind landscapes. May you appreciate the potency of this ability “to imagine” as an agent of positive change, healing and transformation for your own highest good and the highest good of all.

I have had the leisure time this past Canadian winter, while the outside world was cold and snow covered, to indulge my fascination with the amazing story that my creative imagination shows me about my life. It has been like considering the lists at the end of a movie of all the people involved behind the scenes in the production and looking at what they were doing for years and months to produce the two hour long end product.

If the fifty six years of my physical Earthwalk is akin to the two hour movie, then what a mind boggling array of energies and beings have conspired to stage the production of my life!

I am aware of some of them such as my ancestors, my children and their children, the power animals, the plant beings, the angelic guides, the star people, the rock beings, the spirits of places and directions and elements and thoughtforms. I think of what I was attracted to out of the buffet offering of possibilities laid out before me, how I was diverted from one idea and directed just so to have a certain experience or meet someone at just such a time and place. I think of the life times and soul times of hashing out agreements and contracts of what roles in what scripts we were to act out so that they intersect just so. And the scenery crew setting up the vistas from Rocky Mountains to cities to oceans to inner sanctuaries. Wow! And now, this website coming together.

And I think of you, the visiting reader, with your own production crew of myriads of beings and energies, coming to this site to view the vision these words are trying to convey. Simply amazing!

When my manfriend, Laurie, offered to build a website for me, I started to think about what it is I want to share with the rest of the world, what has been the most interesting and unique harvest from my life's experiences. The first obvious choosing was my communications with spirit worlds, which gift I have enjoyed all my life. My earliest conscious memory from this lifetime is of enjoying a blissful moment. I was lying in a crib, awakening from an afternoon nap. The lacy curtains on the window above my crib were fluttering in a mellow summer's breeze. I could hear my mother puttering about the kitchen, singing something to herself. I was feeling so content, lying in a cushion of unconditional love, that when she came in quietly and carefully to look in on me, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, so that she would not get me up, so that I could enjoy my blissful moment a while longer.

It is this unconditional love bliss state that characterizes my communications with spirit worlds. When I experience that feeling, I know that spirit beings are present and interacting with me and the situation I am in. I recognize this energy in others when their spirit helpers are actively engaged with them, whether they are children or street people or preachers or bureaucrats or laborers or healers or artists or teachers or parents or fools. Universal spirit delights in diversity and humour.

So that was an obvious thing I am aware of that is still not recognized widely that I like to share my realizations about: communications with spirit worlds.

As the website idea grew and I gave more thought and energy to what my helping spirits were wanting me to do with it, and the potential possibilities mushroomed, it came into my mind, that I would also like to share some nuggets from my Latvian heritage. I am somewhat nervous about this because, although I spent the first eighteen years of my life immersed in Latvian culture and the immigrant society of it in the Toronto, Canada area, I have had little on going relationship with it since then. However I am very aware of how this childhood involvement has influenced my further life, how my Latvian ancestors have been actively engaged with me. I have continued singing the songs of my childhood and have been translating them into English, for my children and others who do not speak the language.

May you enjoy the writings on this website, share them with people who would be interested and come visit again. There are many more writings I will be adding as the time goes on.