Inner Mind


August 2012

A Perspective on Global Warming

Dear Friends,

It is a fact that during the past year many weather stations in North America have seen record breaking high temperatures. Global warming is happening. There has been considerable discussion about it in the media with scientific and academic voices expressing their notions about this.

Most of these notions include concern that this is a bad/alarming/undesirable change as if the Earth were a mechanical operation that was in good running order when they were children or whatever time they are considering when they were comfortable with the weather, when the weather was functioning correctly and that now weather is malfunctioning and needs fixing.

It is my understanding that the Earth is a living, sentient, conscious Being on Her path of self-growth, healing and self-realization at the right time and place in her processes. That the changes in Her body, in what we call the weather systems, are part of Her consciously engaged self-growth processes. It may be that this time is a "healing crisis" or "cleansing" for Her. It may more simply be Her adaptation to greater consciously created cosmic change patterns.

In any case, rather than being alarmed/fearful/resisting of these changes, it would seem to me that embracing them as desirable and exciting, albeit challenging, would be more supportive to the consciouly evolving Earth, whose body we are a part of.

The same way that we work on persoal healing with discomforts in our own body, befriending them and trying to understand the messages they have for us about changes we need to make in our attitudes and lifestyles, we can try addressing those Earth changes that we are uncomfortable about, befriending them and asking them for their messages. We can be adaptive and co-creative, expanding our world-view and embracing the presenting reality of what is, rather than bemoaning the fact, that things are no longer as they once were.
I am no longer as I once was.
Shall I then love myself less?

Accepting that polar caps are melting
and spiecies are moving into new areas
and magnetic fields are shifting
and some species are dying out while others are coming to new prominance,
holding our focus on the highest good of all beings,
intending for peaceful integration of the changes in our lives and environments,
seeing the new possibilities and oportunities,
we can engage positively with global warming.

Many of us do.