Inner Mind


December 2010

Stretch and bend all you forest tree tops,
Let my voice soar over you,
Let my voice soar o-o-over you. 

Latvian folksong

Contemplations About Voice

Dear Friends,

In the most simplistic understanding, voice is the sum of the noises that emerge from your mouth with the use of your vocal chords.

These noises may speak your consciosly realized, well thought out truths or they may be an echoing of familiar, commonly acknowledged popular notions. They may be beautiful songs you sing, wrathful curses you utter, comforting murmers to distressed beings or angry shouts, crying sobs, gasps of wonder, wimpers of hopelessness, roars of laughter, snickering giggles, prayers of supplication or repeated gossips.

Voice is vocal expression. But it is also more than that. Even my dictionary gives these definitions.

Voice: "the right or power to present and receive consideration of one's desires or opinions: a voice in local affairs, the voice of the people."

Voice: "a quality that seems to proceed from will or personality: the voice of nature."

These last two are the meanings of voice, that I have been contemplating.

The very act of being, the essence of who I am and why I am here is a voice.

When I am in situations where this essential voice cannot be heard, it is as if part of my spirit cannot be with me. I may adapt to being invisible. All experiences are valid; there is invariably a soul's growth lesson to engage with.

In a family group, I cannot stay in wellness, unless my voice is heard and expressed. Who I am in essence may be masked by any number of costumes, roles I play.

Where my voice fits in harmoniously with others, there I feel comfortable.

May you be at peace with yourself,

Whatever adventure you are in.