Inner Mind


December 2011

Solstice Contemplations

Dear Friends,

Every year, as time approaches the winter solstice, I look at the Big Picture of my life and consider my life's processes of the past year.

I look at what this year has brought to me, what I have experienced, what I have learned, done and realized, what is precious, special and important to me. I look at what animates me and warms my heart, in the presence of which I feel alive and well.  

I look at the things I find annoying, dysfunctional or less than satisfactory, things I would like to be different.

And I look at my notion of what my ideal for my life is, for my own Highest Good, for the realization of my Potential and the Highest Good of All.

accepting the "is"ness of what is,
given that I am living in interesting times,
given that I am keeping the peace with my physical age and state of my body/mind/spirit,
given that I chose the circumstances and challenges of this Earth Life Path,
assuming I am at the right time and place in my life,
I imagine
what would I put out to the Great Spirit of the Universe,
that I would like to see changed in the coming year,
that would move my life from coping and surviving to thriving?
(or from thriving to continued thriving, should you be in that fortunate state; I know it exists, I have experienced it from time to time :))

I present these thoughts Ceremoniously, at a gathering with others, or by myself, as circumstances happen year to year, consciously, deliberately, sending them to the Spirit Beings that listen and re-organize the manifestation of the physical reality in consideration of our co-creation.

Oh! I am more and more acutely aware of the influence of my thoughts and intentions upon the continuing unfolding of events in my life.

Perhaps this has been the greatest personal lesson of this past year for me: just exactly how profound is the "listening ear" of Universal Spirit. The more self-conscious I become about every thought that flits through my mind, whether I am drawing it from soul's depths or it comes unbidden from my surroundings, the more I perceive the results of what I have second thoughts about, what I encourage and give energy to.

I encourage you to sift your thoughts well!