Inner Mind


Earthday Greetings!

Earthday is a human creation to focus awareness on the Greater Being whose body we are a part of.

As I focus my attention on Earth, I am aware of the shifting of the rock beings in earthquakes and volcanoes spewing ash into the atmosphere causing great nuisance to human lives and plans.

As I walk through the old growth forest, I am aware of the immensity of space and time needed for a forest to come to the maturity that supports the lives of owls and porcupines and coyotes and fungi and myriads of other beings.

As I listen to the sounds of the natural world I hear bird songs and peepers, wind songs and the gentle pinging of raindrops on the lake, the whooshing of the ocean waves. I try to perceive how the tones and qualities of these sounds affect my energy. Loons make their long call on the tone we call A and bees hum on B. It is impossible to feel sad to the trill of song sparrow.

As I watch the plant beings renewing themselves after the cold of winter, I am amazed at the colours and shapes emerging from the buds on the branches of the bushes and trees. I am awed by the delicate little sprouts coming from seeds and roots that will grow themselves into sizable plants with flowers and fruits.

The natural world is in constant change and motion, swaying, flowing, playing, blowing, adapting, digesting, decomposing, growing anew.

Earth Being, she is destructive and healing, challenging and soothing and renewing, infinite beauty and constant movement.

Blessed be Earth in all her marvelous and fearsome manifestations!

Celebrate Earthday by giving attention to the Earth and what is her Highest Good and the Highest Good of All beings within her body.


Inspirational Earth Story

It has come to me through the reading of shamanic writers that there are new relationships happening in the waters of the south Pacific Ocean. In an area, where whales were hunted for many generations until recently when a ban was placed on this hunting, whales are initiating contact with human ships. They are swimming up to the ships with their children. The writer of the article describing this was offering the insight that the whales are forgiving the humans for the years of hunting, and offering their friendship and communication.

Yay! for the whales and the humans willing to co-operate with them!

Blessed be healing for all our relations!

Earthday Blessings to all of you!