Inner Mind


Everyday Communications

Whenever you choose to engage with spirit worlds, it is important to have your intention set for your own highest good and the highest good of all. This will prevent you from coming to any harm. If it is not good for you to know something or receive something, spirit worlds will not do it. So, if you are not getting a result you are asking for, consider that the not getting is your answer and your lesson from the perspective of your highest good. May spirit blessings grace your efforts!

Why ever it is so, I do not know, but law it is that the human race have free will and spirit beings are not allowed to mess with this. So the very first step in spirit communications is to ask. Politeness and humbleness never hurt in asking.

I ask for my own highest good and the highest good of all for spirit beings, to please teach me, how I may communicate with them. Is there a spirit being here now who would like to talk to me?”

Then listen, perceive and watch what comes into your mind and thoughts. Listen as if you are very curious and this is the most interesting thing to you at this moment. Give it all your attention. Accept whatever you perceive. It could be a picture, a sound, a smell, some words, a feeling or a realization. Focus on whatever comes to you and “make friends” with it. Want to like and trust it. Ask it to please reveal more of itself to you. Give it time. Close your eyes. Do not be surprised or disappointed if what comes into your perception feels very familiar to you. Try to look at the familiar message from the perspective that this is your highest good at the moment. You are receiving assurance that you are on the right track.

If you draw a blank and “nothing” comes to you, do not give up. Spirit beings are all around us and it is part of their purpose now to come into a more interactive relationship with people. Try again in a different place and time. Go to a place in nature where you will not be disturbed. Sit by a plant or tree, by water, some rocks or on a hillside. Empty your mind of any thoughts about other things. Be fully present where you are. Notice any animals, clouds, wind sounds, or branches waving, especially if anything looks unusual or attracts your attention. Ask for any insights or messages. Play with this. Talk to your surroundings as if they can hear and understand you. Let your imagination have fun. Spirit worlds have a great sense of humour.

The more attention you give to something, the more time you spend at it, the better you get. Think and act as if there is spirit around you all the time. When you have decisions to make, ask what would spirit advice be, for your own highest good and the highest good of all. Remember to listen and watch for the answer.