Inner Mind


February 2011

About breath, fun and gratitude

Dear Friends,

When I think about this past month, three words stand out in my mind: breath, fun and gratitude. Give your energy and attention to what you appreciate and what is of value to you.

Breathing deeply, so that your stomach pushes out as you inhale is a profoundly healing practice, as long as you identify with the breath and not any discomforts your bodymind may be experiencing.

Breath is prana, lifeforce, consciousness.

Through the breath you access your inner guides and the healers that resonate with the amazing grace of the plant worlds who provide the oxygen that we are breathing, that we need to be alive in the bodies that couldn't manifest without the building materials provided by the plants.

You could say, we are one and the same stuff as the plants, except the plants are there to provide the stuff, as well, so plants have the capacity to heal us at deep spirit levels. The first basic plant medicine healing comes to us through the air we breathe. This air and the medicine in it is universally available to all of humanity. (at no cost to us?)

When faced to make a decision with multiple choices, choose the one that is fun.

Spirit worlds like to play.

Gratitude is the best medicinal defence against fear and hopelessness.

Breathe deeply consciously, enjoy yourselves, and be grateful for the beautiful world we live in.