Inner Mind


How to Recognize Spirit Messages

Chances are that if you are reading this, you are already in communication with spirit beings. Spirit beings “use” your mind to communicate with you. This may sound creepy if you believe that all your thoughts are your own. However, if your psychic awareness is even a little bit open, chances are you are walking around thinking other people's thoughts quite frequently, whether you know this or not. In any case, you are exposed to many thoughts all the time, from what you read and watch, and from people you talk to.

 What you give your time and attention to, what is interesting to you, what you remember and continue thinking about, then makes up most of your thoughts. The rest of your thoughts come from your creative imagination. These can show up in dreams or spontaneous insights, they can be from gut feelings you have from your own soul's wisdom. They can be from human consciousness or they can be from other spirit beings that are in your surroundings or engaged with your life.

In any case, all these thoughts use your brain to make you aware of them. If you do not have some sort of a meditation practice you do, then simply try to spend a bit of time each day watching your thoughts. The more familiar you are with your normal day to day thoughts, the easier it is to tell when some other being is trying to tell you something. Though there can be dramatic moments, spirit communications are often quite gentle and matter of fact. Trust your instinctive perceptions.

Spirit messages can come into your brain in words or pictures or a sudden understanding, in feelings or perceptions. They can come directly into your mind or they can come from something you see outside yourself that stimulates your imagination. They can come through your dreams and daydreams. Remember, what you give energy to, you strengthen. What you look for, you have a greater chance of finding.