Inner Mind


January 2011

Best Possible Reality

Dear Friends,

As I was cleaning and organizing the house for a Christmas visit from three of my distant-living adult children, I was thinking about their early childhood years. The thought that came to me was: "I spent the best years of my life creating the best possible reality for my children". I saw in my mind's eye the bubble of safety and nurturance that I wove around myself and my children during their early years. I remembered when that idea came to me from something I read shortly after my first son was born. 

Now, here I was, many years later, still working to create the best possible reality, to make them feel welcome and comfortable, to set the stage for sharing of stories and enjoyment of seasonal fun. 

In the best possible reality I love my children deeply and unconditionally.

I assume, that they, as I am, are trying their hardest to please, meaning well with what they do, and any breach of harmony comes from unique perception of frustrations and discomforts of the growing process and not from any innate desire to be a nuisance. 

In the best possible reality, I am polite, considerate and kind towards my children, honoring their unique beingness and preferences. I act as if I am an emotionally mature adult, practicing discernment in my reactions and responses to them, accepting responsibility for my own personal growth for which they are my teachers. 

In the best possible reality we are loving, nurturing, supportive and co-operative with one another, my children and I. 

Yes, there have been unpleasant times and situations over the years, we have all had our fair share of challenges. In the best possible reality, these have been acknowledged and lived through, dealt with, swept up and put into the compost to be transmuted into rich soil for further growth. In the best possible reality, past debris doesn't sit around rotting in and poisoning the present space. 

In the best possible reality, I share what is beautiful and inspiring about my life. I cultivate a sense of humour about my human foibles. I accept that I am at the right time and place in my life, that I am a perfect piece of individual divinity, as are those around me. 

In the best possible reality I practise being satisfied and keeping the peace with All that Is. 

Best Wishes to all of you for 2011!

May you experience the best possible reality in these coming months of challenge and change!