Inner Mind


January 2013

Dear Friends,

Several human calendars have turned a page,
heralding a new age and a new year within it.

Earth time, as well, has turned in her cycle,
days perceptibly lengthening for those of us in the northen hemisphere.

It seems fitting then, that there are storms sweeping across the land, doing their work of cleansing, challenging, strengthening.  It is thrilling to listen to the howling of the wind, to watch it massage the trees, moving the massive branches effortlessly sweeping off debris, pruning out the dead wood, flexing and exercising the trunks. 
Whipping up the water in the lakes and oceans, the wind stirs it around, infusing it with oxygen, cleansing and energizing.
The snow and rain moisturize, compress the old growth stalks, test the strength of branches, roofs, powerlines, human arms and backs.
Cedar, that lives in the front of my house, has a whole new fresh glow about it, like a person emerging from a day at a spa, toxins eliminated, hair trimmed, all systems relaxed and re-animated.  Exuding vibrant beauty and wellness.

And yes, storms can be a nuisance to human plans and processes.
Or is it that human plans and processes are a nuisance to the storms?:)
In either case, they challenge one another.
And challenges are good.
They entice us out of complacency, build our strength and stamina, reorganize our thinking and priorities, and hopefully, give us a clearer sense of our relationship with this planet that we live on.

When I was contemplating the writing of this message, at the point where I felt there was nothing I wanted to say to anyone, I went for a walk and I hugged my favorite hemlock tree and said, oh hemlock, what is my message to my friends this month?

was the no doubt message that immediately came into my brain mind.

Storms were the predominant Nature happening, so there you have it.
There is a full moon looking in on me as I write this in the early morning.

My mind thinks of all you amazing people out there, in your environments and life entanglements, many of which crossed paths with me at some time/calendar date of this life time round.

Bless you all and wish you all a Happy New Year and Cycle,