Inner Mind


Journeying to Spirit Worlds

Spirits exist in a different dimension than our physical plane reality. We can journey to spirit worlds or non-ordinary reality, to communicate with them in their own realms. Traditionally, shamans and medicine persons from around the world have done such journeys, asking for healing, guidance and information for the people of the communities they live in.

Usually, this journey is done to the rhythmic rattling or drumming of percussion instruments that help to focus the brain in the right energy for this exercise of the creative imagination. There are drumming tapes available through shamanic web sites. There are also listings of shamanic drumming groups and seminars, where you can have this experience with people who have done it already.

However, if neither of these options is possible, and you feel strongly determined, then you can journey on your own to the sound of your own heart beat or wind or waves or other natural noises. Ultimately, this is between you and the spirit worlds. As long as your intention is for the highest good of all, no harm will come of it.

To do a journey to the spirit realms, you will need a place to lie comfortably without being disturbed for about half an hour. You may light a candle or burn some incense or arrange some special articles that have meaning for you nearby. Take some time to be in the present moment with yourself, to feel safe and alert. Set your intention for your own highest good and the highest good of all, and be clear about your purpose for the journey.

If this is your first journey, you will need to meet a spirit guide, that will accompany you in the spirit worlds. Do not try to go anywhere without one. Usually, for your first journey, this guide will come as a power animal. However, if a person or plant or gemstone or other being appears to you, then greet them and ask if they are your guide. If they are your guide, they will show you four sides by rotating or flipping around or circling around you. Keep asking until some being comes that will do this for you. Then make friends with them and ask what messages they have for you.

To do the journey, you need to picture a real physical reality place that lets you go down into the earth. This can be a cave or a well or lake or a worm hole or animal hole or a root or whatever is in your surroundings that goes down into the ground. You must be able to picture this place so that you can go down into it and return back to it at the end of the journey.

Alright, you have a purpose in your mind and a picture of a hole to go down. Lie down. Intend to have a good experience. Then see a little imitation of yourself, however you like to picture yourself, leave your head and go to the hole. Go into the hole or water and travel down. When you have the feeling of being completely in the hole, start to look for a light below or around you. Go towards this light. If you do not “see” a light, then count 3, 2, 1, I am here. Ask yourself, where am I? Do you see, feel, smell, hear, perceive anything? Notice what is there and even if there is “nothing”, ask for a guide or a power animal. Whatever comes into your mind, no matter how strange or familiar, accept this, and ask if it is your guide. If the animal or being shows you four sides, then thank it and ask for any messages. Listen, watch, perceive, feel. Spirit messages can come in many different ways. Spirit worlds are not limited by physical restrictions. You can fly, float, grow, shrink, change and do and be all sorts of wonderful things. Enjoy!

If you are using a drumming tape, there will be a call back signal, when the drumbeat changes. If you are journeying with natural sounds, come back when you feel fully satisfied or you feel that enough time has passed. Thank your guide and retrace your steps back to where you entered shamanic worlds, go up the way you came down, come out at your real earth place and come back into your real earth body. The return is important because you do not want to be leaving pieces of your spirit behind.

Take some time to review the journey in your mind. Write it down. This will make the experience more real to you and help you to integrate what you have learned into the rest of your thinking and acting life.

When you journey again, go down the same way and expect to see the same guide, but decide on a purpose or intention, a question to ask, for your own highest good and the highest good of all.

May spirit blessings be with you!