Inner Mind


July 2012

The Interconnectedness of all Beings 

Dear Human Friends, 

What an amazing planet we inhabit, as one species among so many. 

I find it hard to imagine, now, the years of my life I spent immersed in human affairs and the caretaking of human beings in my daily life. 

How different and yet in many ways so similar is my work now with the plants, the animals that live among them and the soil they root themselves in. 

Familiar is the response they have to unconditionally loving care, appreciation, encouragement, and suggestions for their adaptation to the challenges in their environment.

Familiar, too, is the loving recognition and response they have to me as an energy engaged in their lives. 

Strange is the result of hours and hours spent in non-verbal perception, and in resonance with joyfull, unconditionally loving, fearless, non-judgemental, humourful, albeit opinionated and individualized beingness.

Most of my decisions in my gardening work are based on visul perception of what the owners would like to see. Some of my decisions are based on understanding of the yearly plant growth cycles, their innate influences on one another and what they will look like throughout the years. There is not a lot of verbal consciousness involved in these decisions.

Strange, too, is that many of my previous human concerns feel, well, irrelevant to me now. 

Thus it is a challenge for me to find words to bridge the span between human and other beings consciousness.

Yet it is my understanding that this needs to happen in order for the highest good of all thriving of all beings.

Plants, animals, soil, and ecosystems need human co-operation and caretaking.

Humans need the healthfully provided harvests of these beings, which can sustain all of human populations abundantly all over the planet, to nourish our bodies, minds and spirits. 

Blessed be.