Inner Mind


June 2011


Dear Friends,

The past several months have been full of challenges for me, many of which I had not anticipated.

And so, I have been contemplating the spirit of Challenge in Life's and Soul's Growth processes from the perspective of “living with Ease in Wellness”.

The very nature of challenges is that they are not “easy”.

Yet, they animate me and my life, especially when the challenges are a part of my chosen path, my understanding of what it is that I am here on this Earth Plane to do.

I am not proud of my initial reaction to these challenges, which was in the nature of:

I don't need this, I don't want this; this is ridiculous.”

Certainly, if these same challenges had presented themselves in a situation I felt no reason to engage with, I would have walked away from them.

However, as they came as part of an opportunity I had been looking for, then it was in my best interest and my Highest Good (which is always the Highest Good of All) to engage with the challenges.

Challenges are opportunities for expansion. 

Challenges are things you aren't comfortable to admit knowing about.

We are not given challenges that we are not also given the resources for resolving”.

I'm not sure where I initially read this last quote, but I used to tell it to my children when they felt they were in situations beyond their capabilities.

It was when my son said this back to me when I needed to hear it that I had a pause and refocus moment.

Children are wonderful expressions of our deepest understandings. They are a wonderful example of the challenges we engage with for the Highest Good.

They are not “easy”.

Yet, they are an essential part of our Planetary Wellness.

Thus it is, that, when I look at the phrase:

May you have ease in wellness.”

I want to say, for this month anyway,:

May you have perspective and understanding about your challenges.”