Inner Mind

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Drummer Boy

There were six little drummer boys
Who're riding along and drumming too

All six are riding silver horses
All six are wearing coon skin hats

All six come riding right into
The yard that surrounds my father's house

All six jump to the ground before me
Hand me a set of golden reigns

I will not take them, I do not need them
Such a dear and little girl am I

If I would go home mother would ask me
Where did you get those, who gave them to you

It was the village boys who love me
Courting me for when I grow big

Sun was Streaming

Sun was streaming, flowing onwards
I remained in shadows veiled
I don't have my own dear momma
Lighting my path to the sun

Flow on sun dear, wait up for me
I have something to tell you
Take from me for my dear mamma
Hundred greetings of good night

Already the sun is low down
My dear mamma far away
I run and run but cannot catch up
Shout and shout but cannot reach

O'er the Hills

O'er the hills the smoke is rising
Who is making all that smoke

Skunk is brewing little beer
In some horseshoes he has found

Toad is carrying the water
Back bent under heavy load

Toad asks skunk if that's enough now
Skunk replies we need some more

Five grains spread through six containers
What a fine brew that will be

Sweet as honey cold as ice
God's pure gift to man so nice

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