Inner Mind

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Latvian Folksongs

Ever Singing

Let me wander where ever I go
Ever I go singing, singing, always singing
Singing, singing ever I go

Even when I pass by unnoticed
Pass unnoticed, the thoughts of good fortune linger behind
Thoughts of good fortune enter your mind

Oh my beautiful soulful singing
Soulful singing, like praying to God and bringing good fortune
Praying to God and bringing good luck

Swift River

Swift oh swift the river's flowing
By the front of brother's house

I was not allowed to ride across it
Fearful is my faithful horse

Ride on brother sure across it
Your good horse will not be drowned

Pure white sand is on the bottom
Clear the water flows above it

My sword cuts through pure white sand
Water washes my good horse

Bright the plume upon my horse
Brighter still the reigns that guide it

Every Garden

Every garden has roses blooming
Mine alone has no roses there

Is it due to my destiny
To grow up to become a warrior

Rock me yet oh my momma dearest
You shall not have long to rock me

Ocean waves will rock me soundly
As I ride my warrior's boat

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