Inner Mind


May, 2010

Dear Friends,

When I first started to consciously communicate with spirit worlds, it was through a wonderful weekend seminar put on by people from the Institute of Shamanic Studies. They sent us to spirit realms with the intention of meeting an animal guide or a human ancestor guide. Thus it was that for many years, I worked with guides mostly in animal and human forms.

Eventually, I got a request to do a presentation about plant spirits. My familiar guides introduced me to Pine Spirit, who opened the way for my adventures with many different plant spirits, some of which are described in the Plant Spirit Medicine story on my website.

Most recently, however, the spirit beings that are coming to communicate with me are what I am calling the Star People because they do not feel like Aliens to me. Rather, they are very dynamic familiar loving presences.

This then is the story of my growing awareness of the Alien/Star People presence on a planetary level and then through personal experience.

It was in the 1990's that a book came into my hands describing a cosmic scenario in which there were celestial tensions and conflicts blocking the Earth from receiving help from cosmic sources. The details of this conflict are lost to my memory. I just remember that it was due to this blockage that atrocities such as the world wars could happen. According to this book the blockage ended in 1976, allowing healers and inter stellar energies to engage openly with Earth again. Secret societies and special people have always existed on the earth plane but now this wisdom was available to many more.

One of the first healing acts that happened was that a group of people, acting as instruments for Star People healers, activated some crystals in the ground on one spot on the planet, informing them to pass on the healing to crystals in the Earth's surface all over the planet. This stimulated the planet's immune system.

As a result of this, planet Earth went into a “healing crisis”. We, as parts of her body, experienced personal effects as well as the consequences of erratic weather patterns and other natural “disasters”. Simultaneously, many forms of energy healing came into the light and special souls started to incarnate in greater numbers into human bodies, bringing wonderful spirit and hope to human consciousness.

One of my conscious engagements with healing the whole body of Earth was when I participated in some of the “Fire the Grid” meditations. These were once a year hour long sessions during which people all over the planet offered to be channels for healing energy to come into Earth's body from cosmic sources. As a result of the first few meditations, healers from different parts of the universe came to work here.

Last year's meditation was intended for providing the channel for the healers who had completed their mission, to return home.

I did this meditation by myself as a shamanic journey. I offered to be a channel for these beings and energies to leave the earth's plane. I felt their passing as a physical current running through me, starting at my feet and coming out through the top of my head. It was a pleasant sensation and I felt very peaceful and content. My mind was held focused on this quite effortlessly. For a while I watched the big picture, of how, again, it was the crystals that transported the healers from where they had gathered, to places all around the planet, where people were then providing the channels off world. I saw the healers emerge from the earth's atmosphere and glow like a ring of light surrounding the planet for a moment before they disappeared into a different dimension, to carry on with their lives. For the 45 minutes or so of this energy passing through, I could not think about anything else. Even the normally prominent city street noises outside seemed to have disappeared.

Thus I was very surprised when near the end of this time, a face came into my mind clearly and powerfully. Such a face! Beautiful, vibrant, alive and undeniably identifiably “alien”. Very much like cartoon drawings of aliens, it was cone shaped and hairless, a beautiful olive colour with amazing large eyes. But unlike cartoon drawings, it was vibrantly alive, full of light and love. It gave it's message directly into my brain, thanking me for providing this channel for them, and directly into my heart, filling me with love and gratitude.

Last fall, I moved to live with my manfriend partner. His home, that he grew up in, is on a dirt road in a sparsely populated part of the wilds of Nova Scotia. There is an old growth forest nearby and a protected lake that is home to some endangered species of fish and plants. There are rivers and marshes among outcroppings of rock. There is quite a diversity of plant and animal life. This area has been less disturbed by invasive human activity than most. Consequently, it is quite healthy and full of spirit.

I was sitting and contemplating this natural world around me, resonating with it, one morning several months ago when I had an inner prompting to offer to be the instrument for any spirit beings that wanted to engage with the land here, for the highest good of all. No sooner was my offer made than a portal opened up above my garden area and I saw a number of spirit beings come into the earth's plane.

The next time I did a shamanic journey, I was introduced to the first of several Star People guides that have come to work with me. One, I call her Star Sister, explained to me, that a team of healers have come here to test a remedy they have developed that is to help the natural world to adapt to Internet and cell phone and such like disturbances.

It has only been a half year, since this area got high speed Internet. For many years it had been undisturbed by this human technology, providing a healthy natural sanctuary for many species. Thus it was now chosen by the healers, to see if their remedy could neutralize some of the disorientation that the Earth's natural beings, bees most obviously, and other species, are experiencing from the unfamiliar electro magnetic energies.

It is not the sort of a thing that I expected to see any immediate results from. However, it was about two weeks after this that a pair of Eagles arrived. I am seeing them almost every day, where before, one would fly overhead every several months. It could be my imagination but it seems that a lot more birds of various kinds are staying longer in this area. The plant life, is yet slowly waking up after winter dormancy, so I have not noticed anything unexpected there yet.

However, I am thinking a lot about adaptation: changing notions of reality and thinking, perceiving, reacting. I will try to organize some of these ideas into a future message.

May you enjoy the changing of the seasons!