Inner Mind


Meeting Your Personal Guide

Every person has a personal angelic guide, whether they believe it or not. This guide is with you all your life, helping to bring about the situations and experiences you need to fulfill your life's purpose. This guide may comfort and heal you, be a friend and companion in need. You can meet your guide using your creative imagination.

Imagine your auric field. This is the energy field that surrounds you. Picture it being the size of the reach of your arms held out from the shoulders. When you reach your arms up over your head and place your fingertips together, there is an energy center there. Energy from the universal fields comes in and out of your individual field at this place. There is another such center below your feet and a line that runs between the two.

Take a moment to picture this center line running between the two energy centers that are like golden pools of light.

Then bring your attention to the golden pool of light above your head and in that pool you will see your guide. Picture your guide however it wants to appear in your mind. These guides are spirit beings so that what you “see” is only the symbol of them, for your mind alone. Spend some time experiencing the feeling you get from your guide, make friends with him/her. Express your love and gratitude for her/him.

Then talk to your guide. Ask for an angel hug, or ask what their name is or whatever you would like to say, however you imagine you would like the relationship with your guide to happen.

If you do not get a satisfying sense of your guide the first time you try, keep on trying. Sometimes spirit beings want to make sure that you really want this communication, or sometimes you are not sure what it is you are perceiving and need to see it several times to believe it. Keep on putting your attention on it until it comes clear to you.