Inner Mind

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There are people, in different cultures all over the world, who are born with an active psychic perception. They are able to see or perceive things that are invisible to other people. Whether they are seeing energy fields or special companions, hearing voices or experiencing the feelings or thoughts of others or knowing things no one has ever told them about, this is real to them. If nobody else around them can perceive what they do, then this could become a secret world they hug to themselves and wonder about until they find others who share similar experiences. In cultures or families, where psychic perception is recognized as a gift and special ability, these people may become healers or teachers or wise ones.

A View of Reality from Active Psychic Awareness

All that exists is real and permeated by spirit and consciousness. Thoughts and emotions and intentions are real. All that can be accessed through the creative imagination is real. If it does not live in a physical body or an energy or spirit body on the physical plane, then it exists in a different dimension. Some of these dimensions interact more potently with the physical plane dimension than others.

People are one sort of being among many beings who are a part of the web of life, no more or less important than any other beings. If the plant beings did not provide the oxygen we breathe, then our bodies could not live at all. If this oxygen did not carry consciousness, our minds would not be able to think or know anything. If the micro-organisms in the soil did not digest organic matter to make nutrients available to plants, they would not be able to provide the nourishment animal bodies need. We are one thread among many in the great tapestry of existence, a thread that would not, could not exist without all the others. Our well being is intrinsically interconnected with that of all other beings.

The more conscious awareness we have of this amazing creation, the more profound and beautiful it is. The more beings we talk to, the more we read and engage with, the greater the diversity of experiences we find out about. The more we imagine what the lives of other beings are like, the more we appreciate that all is One. The more we keep expanding our view of notions of reality to include all, the closer we come to the vision of the Creator, the great Universal Spirit or God or whatever name anyone would like to call it.

The story I am telling here of these notions of reality is just that, a story; a way of trying to situate myself in my life, to satisfy my need to have a reference point for understanding my experiences, to put into words what is ineffable. These notions have come together in my mind from stories of shamanic traditions, from extensive reading of spiritual literature of all religions and beliefs and from my own personal experiences in communicating with spirit worlds. Please feel free to interpret them in your imagination so that they make sense to you, according to your experiences, for the highest good of all.


Our bodies live in the middle world. We know, because we can go there and experience them, that there is also an upper world and a lower world that are inhabited by compassion helping spirits that are intrinsically connected with this middle world. These spirits may appear to us as angels or power animals or sprites or ancestors or mythical creatures or anything else you can imagine, feel or perceive. This is also where souls reside when they are not in physical bodies.

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