Inner Mind


October 2010

About the Shift

Dear Friends, 

I have been aware for some time that there has been talk about a shift in the year 2012 for the planet Earth and thus, for all of the Beings that live within her body, that has been predicted since ancient times. 

I have observed information about this that has come to my attention through human channels without forming any opinions one way or another about it. I assumed, as I invariably do, that unless something impacts directly upon my personal life, that I am not obliged to engage with it. I have free will about the extra curricular events I want to get involved in. (In the obligatory events, I may only have free will about my attitude :)) 

I have noticed over the years that people are animated by drama and excitement, the media thrive on enhancing and exaggerating situations. Meanwhile, my practical mind assumes that daily life continues with its demands of working for food, shelter, and contentment. People cope and adapt to life's challenges according to the lessons their soul's purpose is pursuing. 

It came as a surprise to me, then, that while journeying to spirit worlds, asking how best to deal with one of my obligations, my guides revealed to me a glimpse of the process of the infamous Shift and how it is happening. 

What I saw is that spirit Beings from all over the Universe, from different dimensions and planes and places are gathering to do the shifting. I saw this gathering as being rather chaotic at the moment, with these spirit Beings meeting and greeting each other, mingling and sharing ideas and sorting out what their various gifts and talents are. I felt an incredible excitement and anticipation. This is a thrilling opportunity for them, to work with one another, to learn and expand their consciousness and co-create this wondrous change for planet Earth. 

As I reflect on my glimpse of this, I am infused with the energy of the great cosmic fun they are having in the process. One of their great challenges is, of course, how to deal with the resistance of human collective mind fear of change and our free will to obstruct their efforts, our insistence that there have to be negative consequences and undesirable side effects. 

It is interesting that the advice I got in this journey about my specific circumstances was to “act with confidence”. Certainly, I feel confident that what is playing out in this Shift is a marvelous uplifting experience for the Highest Good of All. I think how it is that when I am confident, I am hopeful, I trust that the actions I am doing are helpful and that the result will be healing. If doubts or anxieties do arise, I do not dwell on them, I simply release them and refocus on my practice of acting with confidence. 

To express my confidence to the spirit Beings engaged with this Shift, I intend for my free will to co operate and co create with their efforts.  

At this stage in the process of figuring out how and what will manifest, it seems that co operation involves trying to imagine what the highest good of all Beings on this planet is, what I am willing to change personally in my life and what a healthier happier human scene will look like. In any case, it feels like a fun exercise of the creative imagination, such envisioning. 

Energy follows thought. What we give energy to, we strengthen. It is my hope that you will feel inspired to add your efforts to this consciousness expanding, life enhancing experience.