Inner Mind


Philosophical Ramble 1994

We are but one swirling mass among the other energies of plants and animals, the earth itself, not to mention heavenly hosts and hellish demons, all claiming space in the mind and imagination. Lofty high beings of light and deep dark forces all coming to battle.

Nay, I say, STOP! DESIST! I am not a battleground, I refuse, I grapple, I protest. At best I will serve as a container, allowing, recognizing the validity of all within my perception as part of existence.

Yet somehow, out of all this valid stuff, I must hew my own personal storyline, that is uniquely mine about my purpose to exist. I pick and choose from among the possibilities, those which affect me most personally.

A time of rest it is not. Crisis haunt us where we least expect and the rules keep on changing. No amount of positive thinking will make right that which is not. The deeper we dig, the more dirt we uncover. Dirt, ground, earth, crumbly stuff, dark, moist, pungent, unpleasant to the unaccustomed pallet. Hard to digest.

Yet if we would be the agents of transformation, the alchemists, then we must eat the dirt. Pass it through our digestive systems, eliminating the toxins and assimilating the the nourishment as food for further thought. Within the crisis lies the challenge.

It is important to engage with the challenge and respond with our own storyline. The better you get at eating the dirt, the more you can digest.