Inner Mind


Philosophical Ramble 2000

Mind reaching reaching
ever trying to make sense
sense being a very subjective experience
a flash of light in the mind
signaling a connection
how this affects that
or how that's why

Equally exciting are
the feelings of reaching stretching
from the center of the earth
to the center of the sun
and I shudder with wonder
at the even more subtle energy
that exists beyond

Breath is lifeforce
Fire is transformation
Earth is alive
And spirit is multi dimensional
all permeating beingness
Existence in its myriad facets
flows through us

as the healing energy in our hands
as the song of our voices
as the good intentions underlying our acts
as restlessness prodding us on
to grow and expand our understanding

Energy follows thought
As we direct our thoughts
so we participate in creating our lives
and the human situation
As we love ourselves
so we are able to love others
As we honour spirit
so we attract that which can heal our lives
heal earth and the human situation