Inner Mind


Philosophical Ramble 2010

When my ship comes in
I am caught unawares.

I have been so road weary
so long that I wear my coping
like a protective skin,
so that when my ship comes in
I stare and gape in confusion
at the amazing illusion.

All that I've been through
comes up to blind my sight,
demands the right to hold me tight
against the guiding light.

I shake my head to clear the dread.
Supposing this could be so,
why wouldn't I go?

Oh, no, you can't come in
with that layer of bitterness victim skin.
It's time to leave behind
the constructs of your mind
from lapses of faith throughout the wait.

I hesitate,
considering the allure of the ship,
sweet vision long held clear so near,
and tentatively grip a strip
to peel the baggage off,
forgiving myself for not being
the person I wanted to be,
accepting the waiting oportunity.

When my ship comes in,
I leave the old behind.
I enter into the first day
of the rest of my life
sailing into uncharted waters.