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Plant Spirit Medicine: an introduction and historical perspective

Plants are amazing.

Plants are all around us.

Plants are essential to human survival.

In fact, it is because of plants that we live and breathe and exist. They make the material for the matter of our bodies, create the air we breathe and channel the lifeforce that animates our consciousness.

Similarly, as human awareness and consciousness are expanding, so too, plant consciousness is going through its own parallel process. We are in a time when mutual recognition and cooperation between human and plant worlds is very impotant for the well being of Earth and all Beings within her body.

Plant spirit medicine has the ability to heal human ills at a very profound, source level.

I, personally, have been consciously communicating with plant spirits for a number of years now, most significantly through the process of shamanic journeying. These communications have shown me how plants have been my friends and allies throughout my life, how they have been stroking and comforting me, inspiring and animating me, healing and challenging me, providing the environments I feel most comfortable in and honing me to be their ambassador among humans.

It is with joy and gratitude that I share my love for and understanding about plants.

When the opportunity arose to do the research for this communication, I perused the obviously available english language literature about plant spirit and consciousness.

While a number of writers attribute the discovery of the herbal medicinal value of plants to trial and error, hit and miss experimentation, most support the idea that humans and plants communicated in ancient times, plants offering to help humans with their needs, humans being able to hear and understand.

How and why this communication between human and plant worlds broke down in what became the dominant thinking of the English speaking minds of western culture humanity is an interesting contemplation. For the purposes of this discussion, I will put that development in the same general category as the burning of the witches, scientific thinking of the universe as a mechanical operation that can only be known by the five senses and whatever parallel process caused the plant worlds to retreat from active efforts to communicate with humans of this culture.

That is not to say that communications ceased. But they did move out of public sight and common occurance into "endangered" level. Taciturn gardeners, not to be taken seriously poets, secret societies and inconspicuous indiginous cultures with strong oral traditions continued to engage in these communications while mass mind human thinking forgot that plants are anything more than their chemical make up.

Now that we, of the English speaking cultures, are coming into the light of expanding consciousness, there are appearing a significant number of written works about the re-awakening of our awareness and understanding about plant sentience, spirit medicine, and consciousness. These are inspired by a diversity of sources from within our own culture as well as the numerous different language cultures from around the world, many of which did not lose touch with plant worlds the way we did.

Anna Bretenbach, a teacher of interspecies communication says:

"The First People and indigenous tribes were easily able to communicate telepathically with all of nature and didn’t consider this unusual, to know from the animals where they were or which plants would be medicinal, toxic or nourishing.“

What I am seeing is: that, in order to communicate with plants and their spirits,

  • either you are born into a situation to do so, such as an indiginous culture where this is a natural way of life, or as in: "my Gramma talked to plants so I just did it and thought everyone one else did too",

  • and/or you do shamanic journeying that takes you to spirit worlds where you meet plant spirits,

  • and/or you ingest plant materials that stimulate the parts of your brain that resonate with plant worlds and their consciousness, as in partaking of sacred ally hallucinogenic plants
  • and/or you go the mystic path, meditating upon universal spirit/love, getting in touch with your intuition and divinity, and this connects you to direct knowing and understanding of plant beingness which you can then translate into ideas and words,

  • and/or you are naturally clairvoyant or otherwise psychically open to perceive spirit beings

  • and/or the plants reach out to engage with you
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