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Star Sister Story

Once upon a time, in a world far far away, there lives a beautiful maiden whose true name is not easily translated into our language so that she has agreed to be called Star Sister in this story.

Star Sister comes into the consciousness of incarnation in what is not so much a body as we know it but an individual conscious bit of light shining at the rate of her intention and purpose. Her long time mentor, Xenos, is assembling a team for an exciting project. Star Sister is well rested and ready for a challenge in manifest reality.

It will be a challenge” Xenos tells his crew who have come together to find out what is happening. “Is everyone ready?” Xenos pauses a moment to make sure that everyone is linked to his mind before presenting to them the scene they are engaging with.

Star Sister gasps as she sees the Being of their attention. She is struck by the incredible beauty of it and the intensity of its distress. Her heart goes out to it immediately and she probes the image for details. It is an orb, a planetary being, with a soft atmospheric wrapping that is pulsing with erratic surges of wild energy interspersed with what appear as dark cancerous intrusions. As she activates her x ray vision to look for more details, Xenos starts his commentary.

Star Sister learns that the name of this being is Urth. It's body is made up of the elements of air and water, fire and rock. These elements combine in myriads of ways to manifest an infinite variety of different energies, organs, systems, structures and their various component parts. It is truly awesome.

Star Sister is just noticing the beautiful shining large water beings and all their smaller pools and arteries and veins with their bright laughing spirits when Xenos starts talking about the oceans and the beings and organisms that are part of the water element. He points out the interaction between water and air, how clouds and storms and rains happen. Star Sister sees that there are areas of darkness interfering with what would seem to be the normal patterns.

Xenos points out the rocks, the mountain ranges both in and out of the bodies of water. He points out the interaction of fire and rock, the formidable power in the molten core. Star Sister gets her first glimpse of the consciousness that is centered there, the spirit essence of the planet.

Xenos talks about the special relationships between the four elements that have allowed earth and soil, plants and animals to develop. Again, Star Sister's view of these processes is distracted by various bits of darkness, that seem to permeate sometimes more, other times less obtrusively, all aspects of this planetary body. She is beginning to get a sense of what this mission is all about when Xenos continues with his commentary.
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