Inner Mind


 Summer Solstice 2011

Solstice Greetings

Dear Friends, 

May you take a moment to consider that we of the northern hemisphere are experiencing the longest daylight hours of our year today. The intensity of lengthening days and sun's energy, that is the source of our prana/lifeforce, now gives way to the mellowing and coming into fullness of growth set in motion that is our beloved summer. What a miraculous gift, this seasonal rhythem. 

May you take a moment to lift out of your daily concerns to resonate with the greater picture, to give your attention and gratitude to the natural ways that sustain life, as we know it, on this planet. 

Celebrate and appreciate what you want to encourage about the situation you are in: flowers blooming, birds singing, clean water for drinking, love, balance and harmony in our relationships. 

Give your blessings to the Earth we live within, the Creator that made this universe, and all that is important to you in your life. 

Enjoy the heightened sense of self-consciousness this special day invites.