Inner Mind

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Remedial Plant Relationships 101


Prof Bolo arrives just as Petunia is pulling the casserole out of the oven. She sets it down carefully on the wooden cutting board before turning to greet him with an affectionate hug.

"I'm so excited, how can you be so calm?" Prof Bolo asks as he stands back grinning at her, just beaming.

"Oh, I'm pretty psyched myself," Petunia admits. "This has been a long time in the making and I'm sure it will be an amazing experience for all the Beings involved."

"Especially me," Prof Bolo acknowledges.

"Oh, me too, but come and sit down," Petunia invites. "We better have some food to sustain us through the first session."

As Prof Bolo excuses himself to use the facilities, Petunia finishes her supper preparations, thinking about her incredible process with Prof Bolo; how she had signed up for his biology class in university and then accompanied him on his field trips. And now, here she is, after graduation, recently hired to be the manager of the experimental property, generously supported by government and private sector grants, that was set up to gain an understanding of what are considered to be invasive plant species. After we dealt with the grasshopper plagues. Petunia chuckles as she remembers that first adventure with Prof Bolo, that involved Crow Woman and the incredible flocks of crows.

Prof Bolo helps himself to a generous platefull of salad and casserole, eats a few good mouthfuls, chewing thoughtfully, before he speaks again.

"Let me get this straight in my mind. You've managed to open a portal in the circle we created and have contacted some guides who have in turn, invited some of the Plant Beings we are interested in, to come for a conference, that is happening tonight. And we will be able to see it all and engage with them if we so desire. I am having a hard time imagining this." Prof Bolo shakes his head as he lifts another forkful of food to his mouth. "This is delicious, by the way. Thank-you for preparing it."

"My pleasure," Petunia replies, warmed by his praise, conscious of their easy comraderie. Prof Bolo had recognized her psychic abilities at the time of their very first field trip together and had immediately welcomed them as a gift to the work he was trying to do, helping to heal the imbalances in the natural world. His embracing of and resonating with Petunia's brain's capabilities had in turn prompted his own latent potential psychic perception to begin opening.

Having had her fill of supper, Petunia offers some of her reflections about this project.

"Yes, it will be fascinating to see what the plants have to say for themselves in the plant spirit group and what their perception is about what is happening. I am getting some suggestions of ideas and communications as I work with them. And I am wondering more and more how much of the challenge is in our human perception and the lables we put on them. Oh, I am getting quite fond of these amazing plants. They have great spirit, for sure." Petunia grins mirthfully.

"So I am thinking about these lables: invasive, alien, non-native, introduced, aggressive, bullying, dominating. And I cannot help but think of human situations and the parallels.

"Besides the obvious "inconvenience" to unsuspecting humans that these plants are said to be causing, the other charge against them is the destruction of biodiversity in the areas they are making themselves at home in, nevermind that many of the natives would not even grow in some of these human development traumatized areas.

"But isn't this what the dominant bullying races of humanity have been doing for all of human history? Wiping out indigenous peoples? Insisting that all people need to speak the same language, think the same thoughts, embrace the same culture, the culture of the biggest, most aggressive bullies?"

"So, you think these plants are simply resonating with human intentions, reflecting our own behaviors back to us, teaching us about our own follies?" Prof Bolo queries.

"Donno," Petunia grins broadly, acknowleging his understanding. "We shall see when we talk to them. But time is moving along, we'd better continue this discussion another time."

Prof Bolo joins in the clean-up of supper dishes, and presently, the two of them are heading out to the sacred circle that is a portal for spirit dimension energies, to experience a meeting of plant and nature spirit beings for a session of what Petunia is calling in her mind, Remedial Plant Relationships 101.
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